Tuesday, 10 March 2015

For Harvey, my little poo pie.

Nine years ago I started my journey,
along the motherhood road.
But it was a different path to others,
it would be long and slowed.

I was told you wouldn't do a lot,
by a doctor who was cruel.
I wondered about things that lie ahead,
would you talk and go to school? 

You were so sweet and little,
and at first all I could see,
was a future not so kind,
it was worrisome for me.

People said they couldn't do it,
and there was pity too.
I couldn't understand the difficulty,
you were just a baby with eyes big and blue.

You started to grow big,
and do things that made my heart swell.
I knew then the doctor was wrong,
no longer would I dwell.

I set you goals and targets,
and you smashed every one.
You worked so very hard,
I'm so thankful you're my son.

No longer are you a baby,
you've grown to be a young man.
So full of love for others,
everyone knows how proud I am.

You're funny and you're caring,
with a heart full of gold.
You're smart and sometimes stubborn, 
who knows what the future will hold.

But I have dreams and aspirations
For you, my darling boy.
I know you can do anything,
do whatever brings you joy.

So no longer do I see,
Your little disability.
I see your beautiful smiling face,
you're just perfect to me.

I love you more than you'll ever know.
From Mummy

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