Friday, 6 November 2015

Changing my perspective.

I'm usually a very positive, optimistic person, at least to other people. Towards myself, well let's just say my thoughts aren't pleasant, but I'm not here to talk about that today.
Anyway, have you ever just had that wave of realisation that just makes you... well... realise? I was just sat at the kitchen table, worrying about debt, fixing the car before the MOT, and just trying to afford the Christmas presents I would like to get my children, basically just general money troubles. I look up and my youngest gives me a cheeky grin, he's threatening to tell on his brother for trying to watch The Walking Dead on catch up TV. I then remember the facebook post I saw earlier, prayers been asked for another mothers strength and hoping against the odds for a miracle.
It makes me think of all the past posts that I've seen, some from direct facebook friends and some just through the community I'm a part of. Things that, if I even try a little to imagine, makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me think of how much they would give to be in my position right now, to just have money to worry about!
My children are at home with me, they are happy and healthy and I should be more grateful and not take the ordinary everyday for granted.
So, that's why I am now thankful for the debt, because its just money and we will get rid of it, eventually. I am thankful when I hear my children  arguing, or when I have to constantly pick up after them, because that just means, well I'd rather not say...
I know people are allowed to have their own problems and shouldn't feel guilty because other people have it worse, but it just helped me change my perspective on things and I don't think that that is a bad thing.

Take care


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