Monday, 13 June 2016


Oh hey, its been a while, let's get back thither.

One of the last blog posts I did around 6 months ago {blimey, time is just flying}was my resolutions which I said I wanted to get out more with my camera. Well I have certainly done that. I'm not quite sure how it started but around a month and half ago, wait.. yes I do, I remember exactly how it started.
Sunday 17th April I woke up at about 3am, I was wide awake and there was noway I was getting back to sleep. I played on my phone for a while and then I just got this thought, more like an urge actually, to drive to the coast and photograph the sunrise. So I did it. I drove to Scarborough at 4am.
This was the first time I shot completely in M mode. I was stood on the beach, freezing I might add, just snapping away. When the sunrise was in full swing and my settings were just how I wanted them,  I looked at some of the shots I'd just taken and I was in awe of them. The sunrise was breathtaking and I'd managed to capture some photos that were nearly, but not quite as beautiful. That was the first time I got a feeling of elation from photography and I have been addicted to my camera ever since.

So from that day, I have taken my camera EVERYWHERE. Photography gives me motivation to get out and explore, it gives me happiness and wonder. And the main thing is, it has helped immensely with my anxiety. I feel content.

The only way I can describe what the feeling is like when I get 'the shot' is if you try and imagine you're holding a tiny magical unicorn that has a glowing halo around it's head while hearing the heavenly choir sound effect. Or maybe when you see a new baby/puppy/kitten or anything cute and you feel like you just want to eat it {I know the latter seems strange but that's how I feel, leave me alone}.

I have to thank my three boys for being patient with me when we take little road trips and I'm hopping in and out of the car, only a little whining going on but at least the kids are quiet... lolz. I'm only joking, I really do have a great husband who understands and who is fully supportive of my crazy obsession to capture pretty things. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks to those that uplift and encourage me. I'm sure you'll know who you are.
Take care

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